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The Bro Pro is the ideal companion for your Go-Pro camera (or any other action camera for that matter), whether you need to use it above or below the water.


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What is it?
The bro-pro is a camera tray with 2 handles predominately designed for use with the Go-Pro range of cameras. The tray and handles allow you to hold the camera steady and out in front of you when you are either diving or on land.

£75.00 plus postage and package for non UK shipping

Made from inert materials
The bro-pro has been made from copolymer acetyl which is inert so will not degrade, rust or wear away; all fittings are marine grade stainless steel so using the Bro-Pro in pretty much any enviroment is not a problem.

£75.00 plus postage and package for non UK shipping

Whats included?
The Bro-Pro consists of a number of parts; 2 handles with Viron grips, 1 tray with multiple fixing points for lanyards and filters, 1 Go-Pro (pattern part) Triod mount, which can be used sepertaly for other connections and a number of bolts.

£75.00 plus postage and package for non UK shipping

Never miss the action

Bro-Pro has been developed with Scuba divers in mind, although there are many mounts availible for the Go-Pro, there's nothing quite like having the unit in you hand where you can point it at what ever you want and know that you will film what its pointed at.

* plus postage and package for non UK shipping

As Mobile as the camera

Bro-Pro is modular and light so can be broken down with ease; this means its ideal for travelling overseas and will fit easily into your hand luggage. Only Two allen keys are needed for all the fixings of which there are only 3 and we supply the allen keys! .

* plus postage and package for non UK shipping

Simply Sidemount - Garry Dallas
Garry Dallas the award winning instructor (Sport Diver Magazine) says;

"These are really spot on! Effortless control of your GoPro underwater".

Garry runs Simply Sidemount and is a highly qualified diving instructor, to find out more about what Garry can offer you, visit his website.

This will open the Simply Sidemount website.

Not just Go-Pros
Although the Bro-Pro has been created predominantly for the Go-Pro range of cameras we know that there a number of other action cameras on the market. The Bro-Pro has been created to ensure that these other cameras are also catered for as the attachment point uses a standard tripod screw which most action cameras have.