The Bro-Pro

One product with mutiple uses

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The Bro-Pro - 4 products in one

  • Action camera tray with handles
  • Detachable Tripod mount (For Go-Pro cameras)
  • Single handle
  • Extended handle

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2 handle tray set up - Camera not included
Single handle set up - Camera not included
Extended handle set up - Camera not included
Tripod Mount - Camera not included


The Bro-Pro

What is the Bro-Pro?

The Bro-Pro has been created out of a need for a cost effective solution to use a Go-Pro camera in an underwater environment. Being a diver myself I found that there were only a couple of options of camera tray available for the Go-Pro and most of those were not exactly what I was looking for. And thus the 'Bro-Pro' was born.

Effective Design

The Bro-Pro has a simple design which encompasses everything you would need from a camera tray; low profile tray with multiple fixing points for lanyards and accessories, 2 easy to grip handles with standard 1/4-20 threads in the top for the attachment of lights.

Made with the highest quaility components

Made from inert copolymer acetal (Polyoxymethylene) ensuring that your Bro-Pro will not degrade, rust or wear away; and can be used in pretty much any application or environment. Typical applications for copolymer acetal include high performance engineering components such as small gear wheels, ski bindings, fasteners, knife handles, and lock systems. The M-16 rifle's stock and other parts are made of it and so is your Bro-Pro!.
All fixings are made from Marine grade stainless steel (SAE 316) so will not rust or tarnish through emersion in water

One product - multiple uses

The Bro-Pro is modular in design and can be assembled in a number or of ways for different applications.
  • A camera tray with 2 handles - Great for stability and using underwater
  • A Single handle - When you need to hold your action camera with one hand
  • Extended Handle - When you need to hold the camera away from you or for self filming
  • Tripod Mount (Go-Pro only) - Detachable Tripod mount that can be used with the standared camera tripod

Whats included.

  • 2 x 110mm acetyl handles with Viron grips
  • 1 x 220mm acetyl tray
  • 1 x Go Pro (Patten part) tripod mount
  • 1 x 1/4" UNC x 15mm allen key bolt (for connection of tripod mount)
  • 2 x m8 x 35mm allen key bolts (for connection of handles tray)
  • 1 x m8 x 40mm grub screw (for joining 2 handles together)
  • 1 x 1/4" UNC grub screw (for attaching the tripod mount to a handle)
  • 1 x 4mm allen key
  • 1 x 1/8" allen key

* plus postage and package for non UK shipping

Key Features

  • Made from inert copolymer acetal
  • Simple design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Light weight and low profile
  • Stainless Steel fixings
  • Multiple configurations
  • 1/4" UNC theads for light attachments
  • Multiple attachment points
  • Detachable Go-Pro tripod mount

* plus postage and package for non UK shipping


We think that the putting the Bro-Pro together is pretty straight forward but sometimes instructions help. Watch the Video below or click on the link to download the instructions leaflet.